Too Hot to Handle, Too Cold to Hold


So, I’m flipping through the ol’ cable stations and land on this beauty: Ghostbusters 2!

It’s been a while. And obviously it is totally lacking some of the magic of the original. But at the same time, there are some very likable moments in this movie. I love the idea of the anger and hate of New York showing up as a pink ooze flowing through the unused subway tunnels. Making it dance in a toaster and give the Statue of Liberty life was big stretch.


Bill Murray was hilarious as always. His one-liners and throw-away lines are all funny. His interaction with the other characters is perfect. Most of the characters were great, however Vigo, the bad guy, was too cheesy. Since much of the uniqueness of the concept was gone by this point, this movie never had the success of the first one.


We lose Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters song and instead have Bobby Brown singing On Our Own, complete with a rap breakdown.


Now, coming up in the near near future, we’ve got the new femaleĀ Ghostbusters. Not too be confused with Ghostbusters


Or even The Real Ghostbusters


Not everybody likes Ghostbusters 2, and I guess that’s okay. But really, what are your real problems with it? Comment me!


Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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