Office Tchotchkes… Hat’s Off!

Most every office in the world has some sort of knick-knack, a doo-dad, or tchotchke (pronounced: “chotch-key”). My office almost nothing but! This Office Tchotchke blog focuses on a serious collection of silly hats…

Historical Background
Hats have been around longer than history knows. According to Wikipedia, the earliest hat know of was found on the frozen body of man thought to live around 3,300 BC. Hats come in a variety of styles, including… baseball caps, fedoras, helmets, cowboy hats, bowlers, nightcaps, dunce caps, sombreros, top hats and, of course, fezzes!


Cultural Impact
Hats have had a big impact over the years. In the 50s and 60s, you almost never found a man without a hat upon his head. It was the custom of the era, at least in America, to always wear a nice hat. These days most of the hats you see on men’s (or women’s) heads are baseball caps or beanies. That’s fine, they can look handsome or cute but they usually look sloppy.

indy hat

The Tchotchke
My hat collection has a special place in my heart because each of the hats has its own story. Allow me to explain:

  • The Weeping Angel mask (not really a hat) was worn by The Nerdling at Boise ComicCon 2014.
  • The king hat was worn by me when I led a Vacation Bible School as a king.
  • The fez was part of my Doctor Who Halloween costume in 2014.
  • The Cyberman mask (not really a hat either) was worn by Geek Spawn at Boise ComicCon 2014.
  • The Batman mask (still not a hat) was only a dollar on clearance so I nabbed it!
  • The Darth Vader mask (not even sort-of a hat) was worn by Geek Spawn for Halloween a few years ago.
  • The Clone Trooper helmet was used when I led a summer camp for teens, and it talks!
  • The green top hat was purchased for leading Youth Group on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The panda head hat was used a different year for lead Vacation Bible School.
  • The sombrero was worn by me for cowboy night at Young Life camp.
  • The Chinese hat was purchased with about 9 others in LA’s China Town district while leading a church youth trip.

They all have meanings and they’re all quite fun and silly, even if they aren’t all actually hats. I still have some room to expand the collection. And they still get used for skits and camps as I come up with reasons to wear them again! 🙂


Do you wear hats? What is your favorite kind of hat? Comment me!



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