Fair Fail

Oops. I am a fair failure. Not to say I’m decent at failing, but rather I fail when it comes to the fair.

I don’t mind going to the fair, especially on free day. Our local county fair is modest in size. It has one barn for showing large animals such as cows and pigs, and very small barn for smaller things like chickens and rabbits. One exhibit hall exists for showing off pies, crafts, Lego sets, ceramics, art, etc. The amusement area typically consists of about 6 rides. On the main stage we hear music from country western bands from as far away as like Idaho. You can usually see the entire fair in about an hour.

My fail comes in the form of entering our own items to be judged. I get so busy during fair week that I forget to pay attention to deadlines. So, after Geek Spawn worked on a Lego set all night and The Nerdling made a sock monkey, we brought everything we had to the fairgrounds only to be told we missed the judging cutoff by an hour!

Well, they were winners in my book. Each of my kids “won” $5 for their entries, awarded by the local Home Fair sponsor… me!

Do you ever go to the fair? How does your local fair compare to ours? Comment me!


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