Pete’s Dragon… Again!

Disney is at it again… Remaking perfectly great movies. Pete’s Dragon is a perfectly wonderful movie from 1977, but in 2016 Disney will be bringing it back again with a whole new cast…

She has already worked with dinosaurs, so making the leap to dragons should not be a big stretch. Bryce Dallas Howard (Opie’s daughter), famous for movies like Lady in the WaterThe Help, and Jurassic World, is now taking on Helen Reddy’s former role as the woman who cares for a young runaway with an enormous mythical friend. It seems that Howard will be playing a forest ranger instead of a lighthouse keeper.

petes-dragon3 or petes-dragon4?

At this point we can only speculate on how much of the story will remain the same and what will be change to satisfy modern audiences. The script has been completely rewritten with a story slightly skewed from the original. Other major changes include Elliot being a CGI dragon instead of hand-drawn and the remake will not be a musical!

Yep, you heard me right! No Candle on the Water, no There’s Room for Everyone, no Bill of Sale, and no Brazzle Dazzle Day! Helen Reddy’s voice and the words to the Oscar nominated Candle in the Water singlehandedly turned the original into a musical. It was intended to be the only song in the film until it was heard by a few important people who inspired the producers to bring music to the entire picture. Brazzle Dazzle Day made the cut for songs played during the famous Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade… which ironically happened during the brazzle dazzle night! The songs will be missed!

Do I want to see it? Absolutely! I’m really excited for the new Pete’s Dragon! My biggest concern is that audiences will forget about the original. When I talk to young people about The Parent Trap, they tell me about Lindsey Lohan. When I talk to young people about Freaky Friday, they tell me about Lindsey Lohan. Let’s not let people forget about the reason we’re even going to have this new Pete’s Dragon, the original musical classic: Pete’s Dragon!


What do you think? Are you excited for the remake? Do you LOVE the original like me? Comment me!


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