Making Quick Choices

I’ve been working with Geek Spawn at making decisions. We joke that if a truck were coming at him he wouldn’t be able to decide whether to jump to the left or right. It’s really close to that. And he comes by it honestly. I was almost exactly like that as a kid. So this morning I gave him 60 which-do-you-prefer questions and 5 seconds to answer each. (For each one he couldn’t answer, he lost 1 minute of video game time so the pressure was on!) Here are a few of the questions. See how you would do and find out how he did at the bottom…

Here are 20 of them in no particular order…

  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • Creamy or chunky peanut butter?
  • Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
  • TV or reading?
  • Carrots or peas?
  • Winter or summer?
  • Mountains or beach?
  • Christmas or birthday?
  • Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?
  • Disney Infinity or Minecraft?
  • Nintendo or Xbox?
  • Late nights or early mornings?
  • Travel by car or plane?
  • Alaska or California?
  • Los Angeles or San Francisco?
  • Video games or Legos?
  • Psych or Chuck TV shows?
  • Star Wars or Indiana Jones?
  • John Williams or Danny Elfman?

I also kicked it up a notch by asking him:

  • Who’s cuter: Clara Oswald or Amy Pond?
  • Who’s cuter: Hermione Granger or Annabeth Chase?

He answered all but 1 of them in the 5 second time limit. The one that stumped him: Matt Smith Doctor or David Tennant Doctor or Doctor Who? Other than that, he was able to choose one of the two each time. His choice is listed first in each coupling above.

How would you do? Can you answer each in less than 5 seconds? Can you make a quick decision? Comment me (and Geek Spawn)!



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