As the director of Vacation Bible School, sometimes you gotta take one for the team…

I’ve been directing VBS for about 8 years now. Each year, we do an offering challenge: If the girls bring in more offering, then I get something gross dumped on my head, and if the boys bring in more then one of my teens (ONJ) gets it dumped on her head.

Well, out of those 8 years, how many times has she lost? One! One time! This year was no exception.

We were raising money for a campground to get to climbing equipment for their ropes course. This seemed appropriate since the theme of VBS was Everest, a place that involves quite a bit of climbing! To further fit with the theme, the loser of the offering contest was going to have an “avalanche” fall on their head; a concoction of white foods and things that looked and smelled really nasty. Cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, sour cream, shaving cream, mayonnaise, flour, sugar, powdered sugar, ranch dressing all got blended together to make the “snow.” And to further add the mix, some Mountain Dew! This actually gave my snow a slight yellow tint, but that sometimes happens to snow. 😉

I told the campground to expect about $300. But when all was said and done, we raised $618 for their climbing equipment! I was extremely proud of those kids, even if it meant I had to count hundreds of pennies. The girls won by a landslide and that, of course, meant the avalanche was going to fall on me…


It was all worth it! I’d do it again in a second. (And I probably will next year!)

Have you ever let something be done to you for a good cause? Comment me!


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