I Choose To Accept

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
has all the excitement, thrills and explosions that make the series famous. Tom Cruise is still pulling off Ethan Hunt’s nothing-is-impossible attitude well.

Mission Impossible 5 now ranks at number 3 on my list of the films in the franchise:

5) Mission Impossible II
4) Mission Impossible III
3) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
2) Mission Impossible
1) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

The hero is adventurous. The bad guy was mysterious. The girl was gorgeous. The gadgets were clever. The action was exciting. Everything you want in a big summer blockbuster.


Some of the cool spots: 1) The scene in the trailer (and on the posters)Β that is this film’s claim to fame of Tom Cruise hanging onto a plane taking off is taken care of in the first minutes of the film. It’s the opening gambit before the fuse is even lit! 2) A laptop computer made out of paper. 3) Did I mention the girl was gorgeous? It’s this girl, Rebecca Ferguson (The White Queen).


Some of the weak spots: 1) Tom Cruise holds his breath an insanely long time. 2) The suit that says how much oxygen he has is based on nothing more than a three minute timer. It might not even be accurate depending how deep of a breath he takes. 3) Ethan literally dies, then gets into a car wreck, then a motorcycle wreck… and walks away.

Over all, this was a very entertaining movie. It felt more like a James Bond movie from the 80s. Lots of exotic locations, distinctive bad guys, humor, and action. A great film!

Where does MI5 rank for you in the series? Comment me!


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