Meet Girl Meets World

14 years after Boy Meets World went off the air, Corey and Topanga have their own child ready to meet the world on her terms.

Riley, the 12-year-old daughter of Corey and Topanga (Topanga looks exactly the same!) Matthews is a 7th grader in New York City. Her father, Corey, the star of Boy Meets World back in the 90s, is her history teacher and mentor. While Riley is a good girl with a good family, her best friend, Maya, comes from a family with few rules and morals. She is reminiscent of Sam on iCarly. As the two girls go through life, Corey and Topanga coach them through life’s ups and downs.


Following the example of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World takes the time to teach morals and life lessons during each episode. I love this aspect of the show. It’s not just kids getting into trouble in a world where adults are idiots and parents are useless. The girls actually learn how to be better people!

Compared to other Disney shows, GMW is an anomaly. Both in its learning style of storytelling and in its delivery. There are often moments that feel awkward. Like we’re missing some information. Like they’re still getting down their characters. I think that will smooth out over time.

Occasionally they treat Corey disrespectfully. I don’t like that. He’s the moral center and it takes away from his authority when they make jokes about him being a bad parent or dumb. No one ever would have done that to Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World!

Boy Meets World

Mr. Feeny with the Boy Meets World cast

Over all, Girl Meets World is a fresh style to the usual Disney Channel line-up of kids going through life without the help of adults. I’m curious to see if the style keeps up or if they dumb it down with kids-don’t-need-adults fluff like so many other Disney shows.

Do you think Girl Meets World will last? Comment me!


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