Inner Space is Outta Here!

It’s hard to believe that, as of today, it’s been gone for 30 years! Disneyland’s Adventure Thru Inner Space was a very popular ride in Tomorrowland that was replaced by an even more popular ride… Do you know what that is?

Adventure Thru Inner Space opened August 5, 1967 sponsored by the Monsanto Corporation. It ran for 18 years before closing it’s doors forever to make way for Disney’s first collaboration with a non-Disney (at the time) franchise.

ATIS was the first ride to employ the Omnimover system, the same as the “doom buggies” in the Haunted Mansion. For Inner Space they are called “Atommobiles.”

The queue for the ride took visitors past “The Mighty Microscope.” Visible in one part of the microscope were models of Omnimover chairs with tiny passengers as they were “shrinking” down to enjoy the ride. Once inside, passengers continued shrinking until they were taken inside a snowflake. They continued to get smaller and smaller approaching the nucleus of one of the snowflakes atoms before returning back to normal size. The final moments of the ride led you past a microscope lens where a giant eye was watching you!


Atoms were of special interest to Walt Disney in the 60s, so his desire to have a ride about them is not surprising.

I only had the opportunity to ride ATIS one time, when I was ten years old in 1985, the same year that it closed down. However, the next time I went back to Disneyland, it had been replaced by a more exciting adventure… Star Tours! The Mighty Microscope has not been forgotten though. True to Disneyland style it made an appearance in Star Tours and now again in Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.



Were you old enough to ride Inner Space? What do you remember about it? Too young? Do you think it sounds fun? Comment me!


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