Weird Al-ive

We caught the Weird Al’s Mandatory Tour in Bend, Oregon last week. And we had a good time!

The last time I was able to see Weird Al in concert was almost 20 years ago when he performed at our local county fair. He still has all of the humor, costume changes, and silliness that he had then. He’s a bit older, maybe a little slower, but he still puts on a thoroughly active and entertaining show!


He performed all of his most popular hits, which are numerous after 30 years in the business. For a few of his older hits, he and his band sat around a mike and sang them unplugged style. He’s had the same band with him since his first album in 1983.


Almost all of his albums contain a medley of popular songs done polka-style on the accordion. While he played Now That’s What I Call Polka from the Mandatory Fun album, clips of the original artists videos showed behind him. Each time he would go backstage to change costume, they would show video clips of his TV and movie┬ácameos, references made about him in pop culture, segments from The Weird Al Show and Al TV, and even a clip from UHF!


We had such a great time, we bought $130 worth of booty to remember the event. The MAD Magazine was guest edited by Weird Al in April 2015, the pack of trading cards was for a young friend of ours who is a fan. The Tacky shirt is for The Nerdling, the Star Wars style shirt is for Geek Spawn, the Amish Paradise shirt is for my Wifey, and the Mandatory Tour shirt is for me!


For an encore he played his two Star Wars themed songs: The Saga Begins about the events of The Phantom Menace and Yoda about Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. One thing I remembered from the first time I saw his concert was a strange breakdown in the middle of Yoda. 20 years later, he did not disappoint!

It was a terrific evening, full of fun, laughs, and empty wallets!

Have you seen Weird Al live? How long ago was it? Did you like him better live or recorded? Comment me!

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