Salt Lake Comic Con is This Week!


Though not the biggest in the country (that honor goes to San Diego), Salt Lake City Comic Con is a very large, very impressive showing of all that’s great about the geekdom world!

Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, Batman, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Disney… No matter what your tastes (mine are all of the above!), there is something at Comic Con that you will love.

Celebrities from all of your favorite movies and TV shows sit a tables with long queue lines to sign an autograph or pose for a picture… for a price. Pics run anywhere from $30 for stars like voice actors of the 90s, to $75 for hunky big-name stars of today such as Chris Evans. Oh, and by the way, if you were planning on getting a pic with Chris, he’s already sold out!

My Wifey decided I did not need a $65 photo op with Jenna-Louise Coleman… so I made my own!

$65 please...

$65 please…

Celebs descending on SLC this week include:

  • Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie from Captain America 2
  • Felicia Day from The Guild and Supernatural
  • James and Oliver Phelps from Harry Potter
  • John Barrowman and Jenna-Louise Coleman from Doctor Who
  • Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings, Do You Believe? and The Goonies
  • Alan Tudyk from Firefly, Frozen and Big Hero 6
  • Anthony Daniels from Star Wars
  • Marina Sirtis and Walter Koenig from Star Trek
  • Richard Hatch from Battlestar Gallactica
  • Linda Blair from The Exorcist
  • Joel Hodgson, Bill Corbett, Trace Beaulieu, and Frank Coniff from Mystery Science Theater 3000

I used to work in Hollywood, so in general, I don’t freak out over celebrities anymore. Last year Stan Lee was there and that was pretty cool. But I’m completely satisfied just getting pics with cosplayers. Anyone and everyone can dress up in their favorite costumes from all around Geekdom. Everything from the silly to the sexy shows up, walking the sales floor, attending seminars and letting people take pictures with them. And they’re free!

Boise Comic Con 2014

Boise Comic Con 2014

I will be spending a lot of time working in my Wifey’s booth, helping her sell her books. But I will be sure to get out and see everything throughout the week! I’ll post some of my favorite cosplayers next week when I get back. Anyone else out there going? Comment me!

8 thoughts on “Salt Lake Comic Con is This Week!

  1. Wow, so jealous! That’s a great line up –I probably wouldn’t spend money for a photo, but I’d definitely go to any/all their panels! I actually get star-struck by some of the bigger cosplayers, even if they’re local … hopefully they don’t think I was being rude. =P I can’t imagine how I’d act if I had the chance to meet an “actual” celebrity I really cared about. 😉

    Were you still planning on cosplaying?

    P.S. – Nice photoshop. 😉

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    • I will try to get to as many panels as I can. I hear that Chris Evans panel is only available to a select group because they expect it to be too full. It’s ironic that you are not allowed to take pictures of them at their booths, but you can take as many as you want during their panels! I don’t think cosplayers think people are being rude. They love the attention. That’s part of why they/we do it.
      I do plan on cosplaying. I wasn’t able to go as extravagant as I wanted. The even just snuck up on me and don’t live in a convenient town to go shopping. But I do have a Halloween costume box I was able to raid for a good Charlie Brown from the Great Pumpkin TV special.


  2. SOOOOOOOOO jealous! Wasn’t this the year The Maze Runner Cast and Teen Wolf cast were there??? Two of my absolute favourite casts and I missed them DX I was really sad. I’ve never been to a Comic Con yet. But one day… ONE DAY i will get there.


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