Anthony Daniels Live!

Anthony Daniels was one of the featured guests at Salt Lake City Comic Con last week. You may not recognize his face, but you have likely seen him many times hidden behind the gold frame of C-3PO in Star Wars!

When Anthony Daniels did his panel, it was different than all the others. Rather than being interviewed by a commentator, Daniels hosted himself. It was basically “An Hour with Anthony.” He told stories, had some pre-planned bits with the audience and generally had a lot of fun up on stage.


After watching some Star Wars clips, Daniels was introduced. He came out from behind the curtain and asked the audience if they remembered an enjoyable scene from Return of the Jedi where the ewoks think C-3PO is a god. He asked a guest to come on stage and demonstrate the bowing and chanting the ewoks did during the movie. Of course, the audience was no stranger to Star Wars so we already knew. Daniels said, “Let’s try this again,” and returned backstage. This time, when he was introduced, he came out to the entire audience bowing a chanting!


He told us the story of auditioning for the role of C-3PO. How he didn’t want to do it at first. How George Lucas hadn’t envisioned the droid as a British butler and was going to have another actor do the voice, but decided to keep it because no other voice worked as well with Daniels’ performance.

He talked about a few of the toys that his character has been placed on, highlighting in particular the C-3PO scotch tape dispenser. Going so far as to demonstrate the awkward position the droid is in with the roll between his knees and the tape going out between his feet.

3po tape

He talked about a deleted scene in Attack of the Clones where Padme helps give him the gold covering we all know so well. He had enjoyed the emotion of the scene and was disappointed that it was cut. But that’s the business.

It was a very entertaining and enlightening look at the man who has been largely unseen for the last 38 years of the Star Wars franchise.

Are you a C-3PO fan? I never really was before. But I think I appreciate him a whole lot more now. Comment me!


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