The Harley Hunt at Salt Lake Comic Con


This pic of Harley got photo-bombed by Barf from Spaceballs!

What is it about Harley Quinn? There are so many different ways to do this character and yet, for each one you can instantly tell it’s Harley. Check out a small sampling of the most popular cosplay at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015…

In just a brief walk across the con, Geek Spawn, The Nerdling and I stopped for pics with 10 Harley Quinns. Some wore black and red, some had more of a black and purple thing going on. Some wore pants, others a skirt or tutu. Many carried a mallet, one carried a bazooka! All of them were obviously Harley!

IMG_1207 IMG_1179 IMG_1178 IMG_1173 IMG_1167  IMG_1155 IMG_1151 IMG_1149 IMG_1145 IMG_1142 IMG_1140 IMG_1127 IMG_0997

That’s a lot of Harleys! And with Suicide Squad coming out soon, we’re bound to see even more next year!

Have you ever dressed up as Harley Quinn? What one element must every Harley Quinn cosplay have? Comment me!


11 thoughts on “The Harley Hunt at Salt Lake Comic Con

  1. For me, the black/red harlequin fabric is a must, along with her blond pigtails. =)

    I’ve never cosplayed Harley, as she doesn’t really appeal to me (I find her and the Joker’s relationship a bit creepy). However, I do think it’s neat that (if I’m remembering correctly) –she was first created for the 1990s Batman the Animated Series and wasn’t an original comic book character, but because of her popularity, she’s now officially a part of the Bat-verse and their comics. =)

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    • I agree, their relationship is quite odd.
      It seems like almost any combination of black and red will suffice for Harley. As long as the two colors are prevalent throughout the costume.
      My wife finds her too weird to cosplay too. But she doesn’t do too much cosplay anyway since she’s usually working at comic cons and wants to appear more professional.
      I think you’re right on Harley’s origins. They would not count her as a comic book costume for the official Guinness book of records when Salt Lake Comic Con tried for (and achieved) “largest gathering of comic book characters”


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