I Conquered the Columbia River!

Fourteen weeks of training paid off this last weekend! On Sunday, October 11, my Wifey and I ran a 10k across the Astoria bridge!

I’m not a great runner. I’m not in shape or healthy at all. I’m definitely not fast. But I did it! I ran from Dismal Nitch rest area, about 1 mile from the bridge in Washington state, over the beautiful 4-mile long bridge, and another mile down around some of the businesses below the structure for a total of 6.1 miles! The Great Columbia Crossing event has been held annually for over 30 years!


I had no dreams about being first… or in the first 100… or in the first 500. I don’t even run because a particularly enjoy it. Astoria is my favorite city and I just really wanted to run across the bridge because it’s the one time a year they allow foot traffic! But I did have one major goal: To run the whole thing without stopping. And I did it!


My Wifey and I have been using an app that has been running us longer and longer every other day working us up to 10k. The maximum the app trains us for is 1 hour. We don’t actually run that fast so the run across the bridge was the farthest either of us had ever run and one time. It took me almost 1:12 and my Wifey about 1:26. That’s a lot of running!


Usually we just run alone through our neighborhood. But the dynamic of running a race with this many others (3500 signed up to run or walk the bridge) is totally different. When the race begins, everyone is in a mob. You’re passing some, others are passing you. The adrenaline is pumping and sometimes you push too hard. Seeing others next to you makes you want to push harder to catch up or stay ahead of them. Also, since you can’t see the large crowd behind you but only the crowd ahead of you, you constantly feel like you’re in last place. It’s a big mind game! The most discouraging part is being passed by old ladies speed-walking.

The Wifey about to finish!

The Wifey about to finish!

But it was our first time. And we are very satisfied to have simply completed it without stopping. Hopefully we can improve over our own time next year! 🙂


I placed 724th and The Wifey placed 931st out of 1206 timed runners.



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