Welcome Marty McFly!


Attention Mayor Goldie Wilson Jr. and all you residents of Hill Valley! Today is the day!!! Marty McFly will be arriving tonight at precisely 7:28 pm. Be ready to welcome him…

Hide your sports almanacs. Make sure your hoverboards are in good shape. Install the hologram tech down at the Holomax. Wax up your flying cars. Turn your pants inside out. The future is now!


As BFG discussed at the beginning of the year, many predictions were made for 2015. Read about all of them here: …To the Future! I’m sorry to say that very few of them are coming true. Yet.

But that’s okay. So our cars don’t fly and fax machines are now retro devices of the 90s. So they were off by 15 on how many Jaws movies would be made by now. At least we had Deep Blue Sea and Sharknado 1 and 2 in there. If only they had seen the trend of “relaunching” movies coming…

Future 2

So what are we going do since all we are able to do is ride boards with wheels and play games with out hands like babies? We’re going to party!

I’m throwing a Back to the Future Bash for my youth group. They get throwback snacks (only things that were around in 1985) and games revolving around BTTF2. We’re even holding a costume contest where the kids can dress 80s or faux futuristic. It’s going to be a blast!

Are you ready for the Future? How are you celebrating? Comment me!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Marty McFly!

  1. That BTTF2 bash sounds awesome! Hope you can share some pics later. =) I watched part of the film today, but other than that, not much since I’m currently working on a project due tomorrow (I could really use a time traveling DeLorean right now)! =P


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