October Means Corn Maize Time!

I took my youth group on our annual trek to Ontario, Oregon, for the corn maize. And it was a blast!

We hiked through two separate mazes. I’m proud to say I did not get lost this year. It has happened in the past. Most of the misleading trails this year just circled back to the trail. There were a few complicated areas, but it was hard to get lost.


Other activities there included, paintball shooting, a corn launcher, onion slingshot, bounce house, cow train, hayride, goat walk, and mini mazes. (Some for a small fee.)


Once it got dark, we got to go thorough the haunted maze! Really, not a maze at all, but more of a nature trail to hell…

One of my teens, Meme, was so terrified to go through she cried most of the way. This is her below, throwing the peace sign. A lot calmer on the hayride than in the haunted maze!


In the past, a man with a chainsaw has followed us. We dubbed him “Teddy Chainsaw Bear.” This year, at the far end of the maze was a small campfire. Next to the fire was a chainsaw, a pile of human limbs and a motorhome. Just when we thought he wasn’t there this year, he came bursting out of the trailer with another chainsaw and chased us down the path! It was great!


Then, a man in a hood and cape was standing on top of a bus pounding on it with a staff. Meme was so scared, she wouldn’t go forward. I told her, “What’s he going to do, jump off the bus?” And he did!!! He was on a line and flew right over our heads! It was amazing! Freaked me out! I loved it!

A great day trip. So glad we went.

Have you ever been through a corn maze? Did you get lost? Comment me!


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