Hallowe’en 2015


What were you for Halloween? Do you know who my kids are?…

Each year, my family dresses for the holiday. This year, to save a little bit of money, we only dressed the kids up. Typically my Wifey and I stand in the middle of the street and let the kids go to the door. So, we do get seen by the other parents, but not too much since it is dark out.

This year, The Nerdling saw the costume she wanted while watching The Avengers: Age of Ultron. She thought that Wanda Maximoff (AKA Scarlett Witch) looked cute in the movie and wanted to recreate the¬†look. It only seemed appropriate from there that her brother, Geek Spawn, portray Wanda’s brother, Pietro Maximoff (AKA Quicksilver).


As much as I wanted my Wifey to dress up as Black Widow, we opted to go cheap this year. After compiling The Nerdling’s costume from various thrift stores and ordering the red fake-leather jacket and Quicksilver shirt online, we felt we had spent enough.

We forgot to take their picture until the end of the night, so they were really hopped up on candy. They refused to not be hyper, so that was about the best pic we could get.

So what about you? Who were you this Halloween? Comment me!

3 thoughts on “Hallowe’en 2015

  1. LOVE the costumes! Totally awesome! (Man, its been a while since I’ve visited this blog! Need to make it a regular thing again.) For this halloween I was on (and still am in) a Percy Jackson kick. I was going to cosplay as Annabeth Chase but no one would have any idea who I was in this small town. (or very few people would anyways) so I went a little more simple and was a Grecian Goddess this year! My 7 younger siblings all dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters though!

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