Pixels – What’s the Problem?


At Salt Lake Comic Con, we heard a lot of Pixels bashing. But I don’t quite understand why…

Certain panelists at Comic Con would say things like “Are video game movies getting better… except Pixels, of course.” Then they’d roll their eyes. But why? What were they expecting?


First off, it’s not a ‘video game’ movie. It’s an ‘Adam Sandler’ movie. Already, there are certain expectations that go along with that. Also, it’s a Kevin James movie, so… throw in the voice of Olaf from Frozen and the angry elf from Elf to round out the cast and you should not expect Resident Evil. But by the way they were bashing it, you’d think it was Super Mario Bros.


I find Adam Sandler movies are hit-or-miss. I liked Happy Gilmore, I didn’t like Billy Madison. I loved The Wedding Singer, I hated Eight Crazy Nights. But I really enjoyed Pixels.


It was far-fetched, of course. Kevin James is president? Josh Gad is the only one that can turn the hot alien girl into a good guy? The hot alien girl is the only video game character that’s NOT pixelated? Cheat codes work, even though there’s nowhere to actually enter them? Whatever! Who cares! It’s a sci-fi, comedy, 80’s homage and it’s loads of fun! So, suspend your disbelief and have some fun with Pixels!

What did you think of it? Loved it? Hated it? Comment me!


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