Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special

060815_1280X720-DISNEY60_2I love Disneyland! Let me make that clear right now. I love Walt’s vision for the park, his team of Imagineers that created the park, the way the park makes you feel just by being there. I love everything about Disneyland! Which is why the recent ABC special was so disappointing…

This thing that was most missing from the ABC Disneyland special was… Disneyland! They opened in the park with a fun dance number from Pentatonix. It was a solid opening that made you go, “Yes! This is gonna be great!” Then Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen) did a walk around the park and showed us some neat things.

That was about it. After that, the park itself was barely shown. Most of the special took place at the Hollywood and Highland Theater in LA. At one point we were sent to the Walt Disney Theater, also in LA. They had two musical numbers from California Adventure, one of which was not even a Disney song.

They had Elton John preform twice from in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. That was a welcome part of the show. But, again, only one of his songs was a Disney song.

Much of the special was a tribute to Disney studios more than a tribute to Disneyland park. We don’t celebrate someone’s birthday by telling about everything his kids have done… NO! Make a Disneyland special about Disneyland!!!

Using my YouTube channel, I’ve taken the opportunity to present my own Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special. I hope you enjoy it…

What did you think of the ABC special? What did you think of MY special? Comment Me!

Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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