Salt Lake Comic Con is This Week!


Though not the biggest in the country (that honor goes to San Diego), Salt Lake City Comic Con is a very large, very impressive showing of all that’s great about the geekdom world!

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The Colorado Kid is No Haven


After watching several seasons of Haven on Netflix, I was interested to read the source material, Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid. The problem is they are not even sort-of the same story…

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Free Books are Still Great! Especially This Other One!

new recru
Sometimes, to make a big push and promote a series, a publishing house may offer a book for free. Such is the case with The New Recruit by Jill Williamson. This is the second of two different series starting novels that Williamson is offering on ebook at no charge! (Read about the other one here).

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Free Books are Great! Especially This One!

Typically I’m strictly a movie guy. But every once in a while a book catches my interest. In this case, By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson. Oh… did I mention that the ebook happens to be FREE!?

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: The First Easter

Everybody has their own thoughts and opinions on Jesus. But the Bible says what it says, whether you agree with it or not. The Bible’s account about Jesus’ death on a cross are what form our celebration of Easter. So, see if you can answer the following ten questions about the first Easter according to the Bible…

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The Easter Story… in 300 Words or Less

At Youth Group this week I shared the story of the first Easter. Only about half of them had any idea that Easter was about Jesus! So, just as I did at Christmas, it’s time for an Easter refresher course. The story of the first Easter in 300 words or less. Starting now…

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The Christmas Story… in 300 Words or Less

Last week, I tried to quiz the students in the Nerdling’s class over some Christmas trivia. They did okay, but when I asked them questions about the birth of Jesus, I got blank stares back from everyone except my daughter. And two of the kids in there go to our church! So now, on Christmas Eve, I’m going to provide a quick refresher course. The story of the first Christmas in 300 words or less. Starting now…

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