I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Reboot


Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters 3? Ghostbusters (2016)? Ghostbusters: Answer the Call? Whatever name you know this most recent entry into the franchise by, it’s still a mildly¬†entertaining entry to the series.

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Less Than Magnificent


I’m not a big fan of westerns, but I am a fan of Chris Pratt. So I was determined to give The Magnificent Seven a fair shot. Maybe I should have waited for Netflix.

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Pete’s Dragon? – Not Really

peteDragonWhy is this called Pete’s Dragon? I’ve seen Pete’s Dragon and this ain’t it. This was closer to Disney’s earlier summer remake The Jungle Book. What makes this so disappointing has nothing to do with the movie I was given. More about the movie I was promised…

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A Very Murray Disappointment


This Netflix special came up recently. Maybe it should have stayed hidden.

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Pixels – What’s the Problem?


At Salt Lake Comic Con, we heard a lot of Pixels bashing. But I don’t quite understand why…

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Vacation Again


I have really enjoyed the Vacation movies. They are not only funny for the 80s, but much of the humor still holds up today. And Chevy Chase was gold back then! So, I checked out the new Vacation to see how it would hold up to the originals. Read on to find out how it was…

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Hallowe’en 2015


What were you for Halloween? Do you know who my kids are?…

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