Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Fruit

She’s at it again! My 11-year-old daughter, The Nerdling, has made a quiz for you! Here are 10 questions about identifying fruits!

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Candy

Once again I let The Nerdling make a quiz! This time, over one of her favorite topics: Candy! See if you can identify these 10 different candy types by their descriptions. (Bonus 10% if you know what movie that picture is from!)….

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Doctor Who Female Companions

Here are 10 questions over the Doctor’s female companions (from the 9th-12th Doctors). Some of these are uber-easy for the Whovians out there. But some get tricky near the end! Good luck…

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Transformers

Since I’ve been on a Transformers movie kick, this week’s quiz sets the way-back machine for 1984. Here are ten questions over the original Transformer toys! Good luck…  Continue reading

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Anniversary Gifts

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary with my Wifey! In celebration, I have 10 questions on the traditional (and modern) gifts given for anniversaries. It’s not an easy quiz, good luck!

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: The 80s

Last week was the 90s, this week try ten questions over the 80s!

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: The 90s

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
As was sitting back eating my French Toast Crunch this morning, The Nerdling challenged me to do a quiz on 90s stuff. So, here’s ten questions straight outta the 90s…

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