Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special

060815_1280X720-DISNEY60_2I love Disneyland! Let me make that clear right now. I love Walt’s vision for the park, his team of Imagineers that created the park, the way the park makes you feel just by being there. I love everything about Disneyland! Which is why the recent ABC special was so disappointing…

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A Very Murray Disappointment


This Netflix special came up recently. Maybe it should have stayed hidden.

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The PBS Walt Disney Documentary

I love Walt Disney…

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Meet Girl Meets World

14 years after Boy Meets World went off the air, Corey and Topanga have their own child ready to meet the world on her terms.

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You Will Hate This Show

I found this little show while hunting for something to watch with my kids. I promise you won’t like it, and I would never admit that it made me laugh either…

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Happy Little Painters

Bob Ross is infamous for his paintings. His public television show teaching painting skills, The Joy of Painting, is well known to members of my generation. But does it work? see if my kids can paint… read on!

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The Colorado Kid is No Haven


After watching several seasons of Haven on Netflix, I was interested to read the source material, Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid. The problem is they are not even sort-of the same story…

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