A Very Murray Disappointment


This Netflix special came up recently. Maybe it should have stayed hidden.

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Pixels – What’s the Problem?


At Salt Lake Comic Con, we heard a lot of Pixels bashing. But I don’t quite understand why…

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Time For Friends Skit

The ladies of my church asked me to write them a skit about time management and relationships with other women. What follows is the script that I came up with. I hope you enjoy it…

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Vacation Again


I have really enjoyed the Vacation movies. They are not only funny for the 80s, but much of the humor still holds up today. And Chevy Chase was gold back then! So, I checked out the new Vacation to see how it would hold up to the originals. Read on to find out how it was…

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Hallowe’en 2015


What were you for Halloween? Do you know who my kids are?…

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October Means Corn Maize Time!

I took my youth group on our annual trek to Ontario, Oregon, for the corn maize. And it was a blast!

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Welcome Marty McFly!


Attention Mayor Goldie Wilson Jr. and all you residents of Hill Valley! Today is the day!!! Marty McFly will be arriving tonight at precisely 7:28 pm. Be ready to welcome him…

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