Disney Wordsearch for You!

1 Mickey Head

As part of a dinner that I set up for my family, I created a word-search puzzle of Disney characters and movies. Here it is if you’d like to give it a shot…

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Maleficent… I Kinda Liked It

Sometimes I wish Disney would just stop already with the remakes. Actually, all the time. But as live action Disney remakes go, Maleficent was not bad…

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Disney Mashup: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Disney Crossover 1

Blogs From Geekdom ponders… what if the Beast woke up Aurora?

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Merryweather’s Unused Gift


What was her gift going to be? Just as she is about to bestow a gift upon the sleeping baby Aurora, Merryweather is interrupted by Maleficent. She then changes her gift to counteract the curse Maleficent has used. So what else does the princess need?…

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Snobbery Among the Disney Princesses

Princess Strike

In the decades since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Disney Princesses have taken on a life of their own. Posters, books and other media that presents the Princesses as their own exclusive club. Occasionally, the young ladies included in this club varies depending on the source, however, a few always make the cut. Snow White, Aurora, Belle, etc. All undisputed princesses. But within the Disney Princess world, trouble is brewing…

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