The Newest Pixar Movie is Not a Sequel!

Inside Out is the newest film coming from Pixar. I have a lot of Joy as I anticipate this movie, but some of those other emotions are in there too…

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Pixar Characters


This week, my daughter, The Nerdling, wanted to help make a quiz. I took her idea and made it a little trickier.
You think you know the stories of the Pixar characters? Let’s see how you do…

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Snobbery Among the Disney Princesses

Princess Strike

In the decades since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Disney Princesses have taken on a life of their own. Posters, books and other media that presents the Princesses as their own exclusive club. Occasionally, the young ladies included in this club varies depending on the source, however, a few always make the cut. Snow White,¬†Aurora, Belle, etc. All undisputed princesses. But within the Disney Princess world, trouble is brewing…

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