Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Disneyland Rides

Sometimes, when the Nerdling wakes up too early, we’ll play the “What Disneyand Ride?” game. Basically, it consists of one of us saying, “What Disneyland riiiiiiiiiide…” and then asking about a ride. Now it’s your turn to see how you do on these ten questions about Disneyland (California)¬†rides…

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Disneyland Rides and the Movies They’re Based On

Here you leave today and¬†find the inspiration for attractions in the lands of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy…

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Pixar Characters


This week, my daughter, The Nerdling, wanted to help make a quiz. I took her idea and made it a little trickier.
You think you know the stories of the Pixar characters? Let’s see how you do…

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