HOPPY Easter!


Pictured here are bunnies from every Disney movie that I could come up with… A few cartoon shorts too! Bugs Bunny even makes a guest appearance!

Can you name them all?


Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Robin Hood

rob hood
Ooo-de-lalee! Some of these questions are kind of tricky! Good luck on this quiz over Disney’s Robin Hood…

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Step (Back) In Time with Mary Poppins

Two days ago, I watched the bonus clips on the Mary Poppins DVD. Then yesterday, I watched Mary Poppins. Then today I watched Mary Poppins again with the commentary on. That is just such a great movie! “Tell me more, Blogs From Geekdom!” Don’t mind if I do…

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Maleficent… I Kinda Liked It

Sometimes I wish Disney would just stop already with the remakes. Actually, all the time. But as live action Disney remakes go, Maleficent was not bad…

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