Jenna-Louise Coleman Live!

At Salt Lake City Comic Con last week, the highlight for me was easily the interview with Jenna-Louise Coleman, better known to the fans as Clara Oswald from Doctor Who.

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Salt Lake Comic Con is This Week!


Though not the biggest in the country (that honor goes to San Diego), Salt Lake City Comic Con is a very large, very impressive showing of all that’s great about the geekdom world!

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Making Quick Choices

I’ve been working with Geek Spawn at making decisions. We joke that if a truck were coming at him he wouldn’t be able to decide whether to jump to the left or right. It’s really close to that.¬†And he comes by it honestly. I was almost exactly like that as a kid. So this morning I gave him 60 which-do-you-prefer questions and 5 seconds to answer each. (For each one he couldn’t answer, he lost 1 minute of video game time so the pressure was on!) Here are a few of the questions. See how you would do and find out how he did at the bottom…

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Olde Tyme Doctore Whoe


It’s my first experience with 70s Doctor Who

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Doctor Who Female Companions

Here are 10 questions over the Doctor’s female companions (from the 9th-12th Doctors). Some of these are uber-easy for the Whovians out there. But some get tricky near the end! Good luck…

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Silence! It’s a Doctor Who Post!

It’s been far too long since I blogged about The Doctor. I feel that a periodical Doctoring is always a good thing. Specifically, today is about the Silence…

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My Mouse Pointer

Do you see my mouse pointer?

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