The Disney Clothing Booty We Gained in California

After a week of touring around southern California, we amassed a sweet collection of Disney apparel. I was inspired by a post over at It’s a Great Blog After All to show off my Disneyfied looks. But looking like me, I’m opting to give you the Disneyfied looks we all picked up last week by just laying them on the floor and taking a pic! Read on to see what influence a Disney nerd like myself can have over his family!

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Once Upon a TV Show

It’s hard to find a show we can watch as a family. My Wifey hates Disney Channel shows, we don’t want the kids to watch most modern television which is filled to the brim with sexual humor, and we have both a boy and a girl with diverse interests. One thing we’ve managed to find is Once Upon a Time.

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Snobbery Among the Disney Princesses

Princess Strike

In the decades since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Disney Princesses have taken on a life of their own. Posters, books and other media that presents the Princesses as their own exclusive club. Occasionally, the young ladies included in this club varies depending on the source, however, a few always make the cut. Snow White, Aurora, Belle, etc. All undisputed princesses. But within the Disney Princess world, trouble is brewing…

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Frozen


Take this quiz over the Disney movie Frozen!

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