Pete’s Dragon? – Not Really

peteDragonWhy is this called Pete’s Dragon? I’ve seen Pete’s Dragon and this ain’t it. This was closer to Disney’s earlier summer remake The Jungle Book. What makes this so disappointing has nothing to do with the movie I was given. More about the movie I was promised…

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The Fake Disney Cruise Dinner

Dis Cruise 1
I am a fan of all things Disney. (Except the cost). This week, my family is on a Disney vacation in California. A couple years ago, my family went on a Disney cruise. This was the most amazing cruise! One small part of it I felt I could re-create to keep the memory alive was the cruise dinner. And I have! Three time so far…

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Facts and Fun for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is about more than turkey. It’s about more than football. It’s about taking the time to thank God for the friends, family, and experiences he’s given you. To help you out getting the conversations¬†going, here are some¬†history facts, trivia, and other fun stuff!

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Thanksgiving Traditions and You!


Thanksgiving is observed all across America in a variety of different ways. Did we get the way you do it? Let’s find out…

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