Less Than Magnificent


I’m not a big fan of westerns, but I am a fan of Chris Pratt. So I was determined to give The Magnificent Seven a fair shot. Maybe I should have waited for Netflix.

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Pete’s Dragon? – Not Really

peteDragonWhy is this called Pete’s Dragon? I’ve seen Pete’s Dragon and this ain’t it. This was closer to Disney’s earlier summer remake The Jungle Book. What makes this so disappointing has nothing to do with the movie I was given. More about the movie I was promised…

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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Chick Flicks

mandy moore

It’s Valentine’s Day! That special day when women make their men watch girly romantic movies, OR for us smarter guys, we freely volunteer to watch one with them. Let’s see how you do on these questions giving you nothing but the two romantic leads in 10 different chick flicks. And give yourself a bonus 10% if you know what chick flick the picture is from. Good luck guys!

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