Top Ten Disney Princess Movies

Disney Princesses are more famous than any actual princess ever. They live in the imaginations of little girls and adult children everywhere. We here at BFG have to admit that some of the princess movies are excellent. Whether it be for production value or just good storytelling, a few of those princess flicks are really good movies. In honor of the upcoming Moana, Here are my top ten favorite Disney princess films…

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The 7 Johns of Disney Animation

John Carter logo
I really don’t like it when Disney reuses names. I thought it had only happened once (Penny and Penny), more on that later. But as I got thinking about it, I came up with 7 characters named John! Most of these were unavoidable due to the source material. Check it out!

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Disney Mashup: Pinocahontas

Disney Crossover 3
Blogs From Geekdom ponders… what if the wise old tree was a little wooden boy?

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Snobbery Among the Disney Princesses

Princess Strike

In the decades since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Disney Princesses have taken on a life of their own. Posters, books and other media that presents the Princesses as their own exclusive club. Occasionally, the young ladies included in this club varies depending on the source, however, a few always make the cut. Snow White, Aurora, Belle, etc. All undisputed princesses. But within the Disney Princess world, trouble is brewing…

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