I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Reboot


Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters 3? Ghostbusters (2016)? Ghostbusters: Answer the Call? Whatever name you know this most recent entry into the franchise by, it’s still a mildly¬†entertaining entry to the series.

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Pete’s Dragon… Again!

Disney is at it again… Remaking perfectly great movies. Pete’s Dragon is a perfectly wonderful movie from 1977, but in 2016 Disney will be bringing it back again with a whole new cast…

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Remakes and You: A Public Service Announcement


I’m typically a purist. I want the original and nothing else will do. Every once in a while a movie remake comes out that surpasses the original, but it is extremely rare! I’m not talking about a relaunch of a series, those are a problem for a completely different post. I mean the movies that were so popular that some thought they should be made again. Kind of ironic really. If they’re that good, then enjoy them! Don’t try to change them!

Anywho, let’s take a look at a few then hear about your favorites and least favorites…

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