The Oldest Question: Blogger Who?

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? Name’s Brad — I’m a ginormous fan of movies, have a read a book before, don’t get the newspaper, and spend way too much time on my iPhone. Just try to stop me from watching my Doctor Who, Star Wars, Batman, Supernatural, Firefly… or about a billion other great nerdly cinema treats! I make obscure 80’s and 90’s references (see first sentence ^), I’m married to an author, work as youth pastor to a great group of teenagers, and am professional amateur Disney historian… all of which provide great fodder for this blog! Learn more about Blogs From Geekdom in this post! Oh, and I’m very much aware that “Blogs” From Geekdom should really be “Blog Posts” From Geekdom, but I like it my way! Now, you wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts! The Ever-Growing BFG World (as of 2015)

  • BFGBlogs From Geekdom (Not the Roald Dahl book!)
  • Me – Your BFG host
  • Wifey – My wife. Author, blogger, mother of two, excellent chooser of husbands
  • Geek Spawn – My 13 year-old son. Creative Lego technician and video game enthusiast
  • The Nerdling – My 11 year-old daughter. Lover of all things girly and adorable
  • Sparkles – A homeschooled senior in my Youth Group. Actress, Star Wars fanatic, and lover of sparkly things
  • Archer – A junior in my Youth Group. Lives on a farm, does basketball, volleyball and archery
  • ONJ – A Junior in my Youth Group. Plays volleyball, once wore a headband that made her look like Olivia Newton John

17 thoughts on “The Oldest Question: Blogger Who?

  1. Greetings Sir Brad,

    I would like to make an announcement of varying importance depending on who you are.

    I have nominated you for the “Bloggers Choice Award” over at my blog, Bright’s Wanderings.

    I am quite fond of your blog which shows a vast appreciation for many of the finer point of the nerd life.

    You are, of course not required to follow the process of being a nominee.

    But you have one of my favorite blogs and so you are one of my nominees.

    Thank you very much! Your skill is much appreciated in these dark and uneducated times.

    -Ellana Turrell (BrightWatcher)

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    • OH WOW! Thank you so much for those encouraging words! I’m one of those people that obsessively checks my stats, a bad idea really. Being so new to this, they’re still quite low. It gives me much happy feels to know that you like my posts! 😀


  2. I’m really excited to find a youth pastor who is a fellow sci-fi fan. I’m a Christian myself and sci-fi fan. I’m working on a humorous/inspirational memior, “Confessions of a Christian Trekkie: Spiritual Lessons God Has Taught Me Through Science Fiction (No, Really!!!)” and I’m writing bits and pieces in my blog. Please check it out. I am interested getting other Christian sci-fi fans feedback. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Alright! So I must ask. Do you have a blog button for this site? I am constructing a page for my blog of my favourite blogs and such and I was wondering if you have a bog button I could add to said page (if not I can just add the link but I thought I would ask 🙂 )


    • I don’t think I have a blog button. I’m not even too sure what that is. 🙂 But thanks for thinking of little ole me and including my blog. 😀

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