Hasselhoff in Footloose?

I just don’t know… What do you think? Is it the Hoff?

I was watching the original Footloose for the umpteenth time with my Wifey last night. We get in a Footloose mood about once each year. But only the classic Footloose. She still hasn’t seen the new Footloose. I didn’t think the new Footloose was bad, just unnecessary. Footloose.

Anywho, at the drive-in restaurant, Ariel plays the song ‘Dancin’ in the Sheets’ by Shalamar. Everyone at the drive-in gets into it. People are dancing in the parking lot, a girl in a convertible is bopping her foot in time to the music, the cook inside the building in the noisy kitchen is getting down, three girls inside the building’s bathroom are shaking their booties. One man inside playing Ms. Pacman is dancing and grooving to the music. As the camera tilts up, it sure looks a heckofalot like David Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff, for you youngins, was the star of Knight Rider in the 80s and Baywatch in the 90s. He is also a singing superstar in Germany for some reason. Now he mostly does cameos in films like The SpongeBob Movie.

hoff1 hoff2

Is it possible that Footloose was one of his first cameos? Or was the dancing actor just a fan of Knight Rider and really wanted to look like Michael Knight? Footloose came out during the height of Knight Rider’s popularity.

Give me your vote! Yes or no? Is it Hasselhoff or Hassel-noff? Comment me!


2 thoughts on “Hasselhoff in Footloose?

  1. Gayest article ever written. In case your curious, yes Michael Knight made a cameo in the 1984 cult classic ‘Footloose’. He is only one degree from Kevin Bacon.


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