The Source of the DeLorean?

Back to the Hills Cop
I think it’s pretty obvious that Doc Brown bought the DeLorean in Beverly Hills…

So, I’m watching Beverly Hills Cop for the umpteenth time, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? A DeLorean parked outside of Victor Maitland’s house. Immediately, the questions begin to run through my head…. “What is that doing there?” “Is that Doc Brown’s DeLorean?” “Who put it there?” “Is it legally parked?”

I see three possibilities…

  1. The DeLorean is a totally different car than the one appearing in Back to the Future. Of course, that’s ridiculous.
  2. Maybe haps either Doc or Marty has visited the past and wanted to see Axel Foley catch the bad guys. There are some problems with this theory though… The BTTF movies keep pretty close track of Marty’s time with the car. There is really no point in time that Marty goes exploring through time and space. However, there is an infinite amount of time for Doc Brown to tour around after he drops Marty off at the end of the first film. The trouble with the particular DeLorean in BHC is that it doesn’t seem to have the vents on the back, Mr. Fusion, or any other time machine features. While Doc could have visited Beverly Hills prior to putting in Mr. Fusion. But more than likely, it’s number three…
  3. The most logical possibility is that this is the DeLorean the Doc Brown buys to make his time machine from. Look at the facts: Both Beverly Hills and Hill Valley are in California. Doc says he spent much of his family fortune on his time machine; easy to do when buying a sports car in Beverly Hills. Finally, the events of Beverly Hills Cop take place in June of 1984, over a year before Marty McFly travels to the past in October of 1985. This gives Doc plenty of time to build his time machine.

Doc Brown bought his time travelling DeLorean in Beverly Hills in 1984. It’s the only explanation that makes sense! I’m sure you were all curious to know that delicious little morsel of made-up trivia.

Do you agree with my theory? Do you have a theory of your own? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “The Source of the DeLorean?

  1. I’ve just watched BHC and I’ve noticed the DeLorean, I completly agree with you! It’s for sure the DeLorean that Dic bought one year later! 😀

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